Refund policy

Safe Shopping Guarantee

QNI TRADE LTD values your trust. We use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect your personal information within QNI TRADE LTD

The Customer who has made a payment to the QNI TRADE LTD services, eligible for refund in obedience to the rules pointed below.

To be eligible for refund the Customer must meet all requirements.

General Disclaimer

  • If services are not of satisfactory quality or are not as described the Customer is entitled to a refund.
  • Refund can be requested only via email
  • Due to security purposes the Customer needs to provide QNI TRADE LTD with such information as email, phone number, first and last name, address, reason of refund request or/and any other information in order to prove that disputed payment was withdrawn from the Customer`s bank account.
  • The Customer can claim a refund only within first 14 days after purchase was made, referring to the Consumer Rights Directive of 2011 for the European Union.
  • Refund can be approved/refused only after careful verification of provided the Customer`s data made by QNI TRADE LTD.
  • If the Customer decided not to use provided services anymore we guarantee to delete personal data from QNI TRADE LTD system and no other transaction will not occur on the Customer`s card/ bank statement.
  • QNI TRADE LTD will process the Customer’s refund request as soon as is reasonably practicable. In any case, QNI TRADE LTD will inform the Customer about the outcome of the request in accordance with the timescales set out in this policy.

How to Request a Refund

  • The Customer can request a refund or get other assistance with QNI TRADE LTD purchases via
  • The Customer needs to indicate ‘Refund Request’ in the subject line of the email.
  • Refund can be done only back to the same payment method which Customer use originally.

Processing Request

  • QNI TRADE LTD will contact The Customer to request additional information (if needed) within 5 business days of refund request was submitted and The Customer must send requested information no later than 14 (fourteen days) after he/she got such notification.
  • QNI TRADE LTD has a right to send email to the Customer about final decision regarding the refund.
  • Once refund confirmed QNI TRADE LTD will process refund within 10 (business days) starting from the date when QNI TRADE LTD agrees that the Customer is entitled to a refund.
  • Refund will not be provided to the Customer, if :
  • The Customer missed the refund timeframe
  • The Customer refused to send needed information to QNI TRADE LTD
  • There is no ground for refund if QNI TRADE LTD suspects that the Customer was/is involved in fraudulent or illegal activity.


  • If the Customer files a chargeback QNI TRADE LTD will investigate and respond to all chargebacks requests, additional information can be requested.
  • QNI TRADE LTD expects the Customer to contact services provider directly in order to resolve any issue/problem before opening a chargeback request.

Other Expenses

  • If any additional payments/fees occurs on the Customer`s card upon refund processing, it shall be covered by the Customer.
  • QNI TRADE LTD has a right to change/ make amendments in Terms and Conditions of Refund Policy if there is any change in legislation and if such thing is expected, QNI TRADE LTD will make an appropriate announcement.
  • If the Customer refuses to accept adjusted Refund Policy, he/she must stop to use QNI TRADE LTD services. If the Customer makes new purchase of service after the amendments was done, the new Refund Policy will apply to his/ her usage of services.